Special Needs

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Special Needs Music Therapy

Bach To Rock's New York Locations offer several services for children with special needs. Led by board-certified Music Therapist Meghan Cork, MT-BC, we provide both Music Therapy and Adaptive Music Lessons for both individual and group formats. Music Therapy has been shown to tremendously help children with special needs by using music to improve communication skills, social interaction and cognitive skills. Most of all it’s fun!

Adaptive Music Lessons Vs. Music Therapy

  • Adaptive Music Lessons teach music skills, accommodating for special needs. The lessons have a therapeutic basis, focusing on music, fun, and building self-potential. These can be group classes or private lessons.
  • Music Therapy is an established, goal-directed healthcare service that uses music and strategic music interventions to improve quality of life and help students develop life skills in social, communicative, physical and cognitive areas. These can be group classes or private lessons. Music therapy taps into a person’s natural affinity to music, harnessing the elements of music to help that person experience a richer, deeper life. A music therapist works to build a strong and trusting relationship with students and clients, getting to know their unique needs while also allowing students to express themselves fully.
    Studies have shown that music therapy can help individuals with special needs to grow and develop in many areas of life, including cognitive, social, communicative, physical, and of course, musical domains. The goal in Music Therapy is not to build music skills but to improve life skills using music as a way reach students.


Our services for children with special needs offer a variety of programs to help enhance students’ lives and allow students to have a fun, rich musical experience!

Benefits to Programs

  • Fun and Enjoyment - First and foremost, we believe that music therapy will provide moments of true enjoyment and connection for students with special needs. We are here to put genuine smiles on our students’ faces!
  • Building Music Skills - We offer students opportunities to build musical skills either vocally or on an instrument. Building music skills can help promote self-esteem and hone focus for students with special needs and can help them to better function in their environment.
  • Targeting Life Goals - For some students, a different music therapy experience might be more appropriate. This type of session targets life goals in cognitive, social, communicative, physical, and of course, musical domains to help students grow and experience moments of authentic enjoyment.
  • Social Skills - Bach to Rock also offers the opportunity to build social skills and interact with others in a group setting. This will help students to develop the ability to become a part of the world around them!

Programs Available

Adaptive Private Music Lessons

For those students who are interested in developing music skills, we offer individualized music lessons led by a board certified music therapist and adapted for individuals with special needs. Such lessons have a therapeutic foundation and are focused on building music skills in a fun and stimulating environment in order to hone focus and promote self-potential. These lessons are open to students studying all instruments and/or voice.

Adaptive Group Music Lessons

For those who would benefit from a social experience geared toward building music skills, we offer group music lessons. Adapted for students with special needs, these lessons, run by a board-certified music therapist, utilize a therapeutic basis for social music learning and working toward group performances. Not only do these lessons target music skill building, but working toward performances also motivates students to develop the social and interactive skills necessary to relate to others on a day to day basis, while providing students with a sense of collaborative achievement. These lessons are open to students studying all instruments and/or voice.

Private Music Therapy Sessions

For those students who seek a more therapeutic musical experience geared toward developmental goals, we offer more traditional private music therapy sessions. These involve the therapeutic use of music interventions to target life goals and allow the student to grow through the therapeutic relationship. Led by a board certified music therapist, these sessions aim to help students reach moments of true joy as well as enhance students’ global functioning.

Group Music Therapy Sessions

For those who would thrive in a therapeutic musical setting geared toward social development, we offer more traditional music therapy group sessions. In this type of session, the therapist strategically uses the musical elements to help bring about interaction between students, and help them develop the communicative skills that they will need in life. This will allow the students to have genuine moments of enjoyment and connectedness to the people around them.

Why B2R?

  • Individual instruction with proprietary curriculum
  • Students are motivated by playing with others in a band
  • A band builds teamwork, develops social skills, fosters self-esteem and leads to lasting friendships.
  • Everyone learns faster playing music they like
  • Students are motivated to learn when they see early results
  • Introducing very young children to music supports cognitive development and motor skills.

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