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Turntable Techniques: How to Use ‘Transition Stingers’

Hugo Pacheco | DJ City

DJcityTV and Beat Refinery are back with a new episode of the tutorial series, Turntable Techniques. This time, DJ As-One demonstrates how to use “transition stingers” in DJ sets.

Transition stingers are exclusive performance tools that start at one tempo and end with a sample. They enable DJs to drop a song of any tempo immediately after the current track ...

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How to DJ House Music Like a Dancehall DJ

Anthony Polis | DJ City

Reggae and dancehall DJs are known for mixing together multiple versions of the same instrumental a.k.a. riddim. The technique can also be used outside of those genres and is a great way to add creativity to your sets.

On this episode of Turntable Techniques, Beat Refinery instructor DJ Obeyah shows how to apply the reggae and dancehall style ...

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Turntable Techniques: How to Perform the ‘Rockit’ Scratch


DJcity and Beat Refinery have released a new episode of the tutorial series, Turntable Techniques. In the video, DJ As-One explains how to do the “Rockit” scratch, which Grandmixer D.ST performed on Herbie Hancock’s 1983 hit of the same name.

Watch the video on DJ City.

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DJ Trayze Wins 2016 Red Bull Thre3style U.S. Finals


See the other finalists' sets on DJ City.

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How to Make Acapella Edits for Your DJ Sets Using Ableton Live

DJ City | Trayze

The first two episodes of DJcityTV and Beat Refinery‘s Turntable Techniques series focused on using acapella-in and acapella-out edits in your DJ sets. Now, DJcityTV and Beat Refinery have returned with a tutorial that explains how to make the edits using Ableton Live. Watch above to see Trayze, a Red Bull Thre3style USA Finalist, take you through the process ...

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