Battle of the Bands Info

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Date & Location

Sunday, June 11, 2017 - 2PM to 8PM
Location: The Cutting Room NYC - 44 East 32nd Street New York, NY 10016 (between Park Ave and Madison Ave). Map & Directions

Rules & Regulations

  • All bands may perform up to 8 minutes; a penalty of 1 point for every 15 seconds over the time limit will be deducted from the band’s total score.
  • Two points will be awarded for an original song, with a maximum of 2 points awarded in this category per band.
  • Every performer must be present and arrive at their specified time. Bands that are not present when called will not be able to perform. Bands missing a member will have the option to perform without that member or forfeit their opportunity to perform. No exceptions!
  • There will be 1 winner and 2 runner ups in each of the three divisions
  • The division a band will perform in is determined by average age of band members:
    Elementary School Division: Ages 0-10
    Middle School Division: Ages 11-14
    High School Division: Ages 15+
  • All competing band members must be enrolled and in good standing in the B2R Rock Band program at the time of both registration and the date of the Battle of the Bands.
  • All participating band members MUST submit a completed registration form by the specified deadlines. No late registrations will be accepted.
  • If a member of the band cannot participate, the band may perform without that member, but no replacements are permitted.
  • Band names cannot be changed after the registration deadline.
  • Song selection is final and must be submitted before the registration deadline.
  • No explicit language is to be used in songs. All explicit lyrics must be changed. Use of explicit language will result in disqualification.
  • All band members are expected to follow student conduct rules as outlined in the B2R Policy Handbook.
  • Order of bands will be picked at random, please do not request a specific time as we cannot accommodate.

Additional Terms

  • I hereby give America’s Music School, LLC (AMS), our franchisor, their legal representatives and assigns, and Amplified Capital Partners Holdings LLC and its affiliates (ACPH), the absolute right and unrestricted permission to obtain, copyright use, publish and reuse and republish photographic pictures, recordings, videos or portraits made of my child, in any media and for the purposes of advertising, promoting and increasing awareness of Bach to Rock.
  • I release and agree to hold harmless the schools and the photographer, their representatives and assigns, acting with their permission, including any firm publishing or distributing the finished product for the purpose noted in paragraph one, above, even though the finished product may be distorted, blurred, altered, or used in composite form, either intentionally, or otherwise.
  • I waive any right to approve the finished photograph or any copy which might be used in conjunction with the finished photograph, recording, or video.
  • Please be advised that on the dates of the Battle of the Bands, representatives of AMS and ACPH may be filming at The Red Lion. As a willing participant at this event, your appearance may be recorded and used in future video productions which may or may not include television broadcasts or other public exhibitions.
  • AMS and/or Music Makers, LLC and ACPH are not liable for any personal injury, or property damage arising as a result of student’s participation in the Battle of the Bands.
  • I have read and understand attached rules and regulations. I understand that failure to comply may result in disqualification of the band from the competition.


When and where is the competition?

June 11, 2017 - 2PM - 8PM

The Cutting Room, 44 East 32nd Street New York, NY 10016 (between Park Ave and Madison Ave). Map & Directions

What time should I be at the venue?

Each band member must arrive 30 minutes before their band’s DIVISION is scheduled to perform. We will email you more specific details for each division as we get closer to the event.

What if I’m not sure what division my student is in?

Each band is placed in a division depending on the average age of all the students within the band. The band confirmation email that you received after all members of your student’s band completed registration tells you what division your student band is placed in.  You can also ask your student’s teacher, B2R site director or administrative staff for clarification.

Where should I park?

There is street parking in the area and parking garages within a few blocks of the venue.

Icon Parking

105 E. 32nd St. (bet. Park and Lexington)

NY, NY 10016

How much is admission?

Admission is $5 per person (performers do not pay) and children 5 and under are free. You may buy tickets at the door but please try to buy in advance at the Bach To Rock front desk to avoid lines on the day of the show.

Will there be food?

Yes, The Cutting Room offers a full menu:

Do I have to stay all day?

No, we recommend you stay for the duration of the division that your student is performing in. This way you show support to all bands performing and are able to be present during announcement of awards at the end of the production.

When will awards be announced?

Awards will be announced at the end of the division after all the bands have performed. 

Why do the bands sometimes play out of order or get skipped altogether?

The B2R staff strives to follow the posted schedule as closely as possible but sometimes unforeseen circumstances happen outside of our control.  Bands drop out at the last minute, a student might get sick or not show up at all.  We know this can be disappointing to all that attend, but the show must go on!

How do I participate during the event?

Participate by clapping, cheering, and dancing during student performances to show your support.  You can also participate by uploading pictures from your smart phone to your local B2R’s Facebook page.

How do we prepare for the event?

We encourage all students to attend every lesson and band rehearsal they have scheduled.  In addition to the lessons every student should be practicing regularly. We may try to book an additional rehearsal or two in the weeks leading up to the Battle as well.

What are the prizes?

1st Place bands win 4 hours of B2R studio time and Runner Up bands receive 2 hours of studio time.  Both 1st Place and Runner Up bands receive plaques and 1st Place winners will be immortalized by being featured in a plaque on their B2R school’s Wall of Fame.  Some performances may also be posted on B2R’s website on the Wall of Fame located here.  

How are the winners determined?

We recruit judges that have an extensive musical background and that are actively involved in the local music scene.  They use the judging sheet that can be found here to calculate each band’s score.  All bands may perform up to 8 minutes; a penalty of 1 point for every 15 seconds over the time limit will be deducted from the band’s total score.  Bands will be awarded a maximum of 2 points for an original song.  We encourage all bands to perform one original and one cover song.

Will my student’s teacher be there?

Our teachers are encouraged to attend the battle, but due to personal or work conflicts may not be able to attend.  Teachers often have lessons scheduled during battle times.

How do we get in touch with other band members?

Contact your site’s director for contact information of parents to the other members in your student’s band.

What should my child do when he/she arrives?

The student should go directly to the registration table to check in and meet with their band members.

In case of an emergency, who should I contact?

Please contact your local Bach to Rock staff in case of an emergency.

What do I need to bring to the Battle?

Bach to Rock will provide the backline equipment such as amps, pianos and microphones.  Students should plan to bring their guitar and drum sticks.  Also note that we need to be notified if a student is bringing special gear (pedal boards, synth…) prior to the event so that our stage managers can plan the day accordingly.

What if I have a question that isn’t answered here?

Please contact your local Bach to Rock site director for additional information or visit our website at


  • Jamie Betty, drummer, percussionist and background vocalist, has performed at numerous acclaimed venues that include Brooklyn Bowl, CBGB’s, Stephan Talkhouse, Highline Ballroom and The Cutting Room, to name a few. She has opened for notable artists such as Count Basie Orchestras, Paula Poundstone and GE Smith. From blues clubs to musical theatre venues and performances at NY gala events, Jamie has performed for Mario Cuomo, Danny DeVito, Phil Donahue and Boomer Esiason and her versatility keeps her in high demand. A SUNY Purchase graduate, Jamie has collaborated on a host of original rock, pop & soul projects appearing on local television. She has co-written countless songs and has recorded and toured with a multitude of high profile NY artists. Today, Jamie can be found drumming and singing at Café Wha? BB Kings, Lucille’s, Club Groove and other local music venues.
  • Bert Elliot was recently inducted into the NY Blues Hall of Fame. He has received worldwide acclaim for his instrumental guitar work and was featured in Guitar Player magazine. Bert has also recorded two critically acclaimed albums and is currently working on his third. He has written music for various TV networks and his compositions can heard on VH1, NFL Football, Jerry Springer, and Maury Povich among others. Playing drums at age 8 and shifting to guitar at 18, Bert has toured nationally and internationally and has worked with musicians from all over the world including Bernie Williams, Stu Hamm and Marcus Miller.
  • Steve Walter is the co-owner of The Cutting Room, one of the most successful music showcase clubs in New York City. In a city known for its exciting nightlife and performance venues, The Cutting Room has played host to a varied list of well-known musicians in many genres, including rock, pop, jazz and folk - but welcomes up-and-coming performers as well. Such varied artists as Sheryl Crow, Neil Young, Donovan, Buddy Miles, Sting, Joan Osbourne, Jimmy Webb, Judy Collins, Melanie, Kenny Rankin, Peter Tork of The Monkees, Alanis Morrisette and Mary Wilson of The Supremes have appeared at The Cutting Room. When Alexa Ray Joel made her NYC debut – with proud parents Billy Joel and Christie Brinkley in the audience – she chose The Cutting Room. Even comedy icon Joan Rivers appeared at the club and performed weekly for four years. A native of New Jersey's Asbury Park area, Steve has a background in rock dating back to high school when he was a guitarist in his own band. He spent several years playing the Jersey club circuit and also taught guitar after graduating from the prestigious Berklee College of Music in Boston, where he received his B.A. in Musical Composition.

Judging Criteria

Bands will be evaluated on musicianship, ensemble precision, and stage presence by a panel of experienced judges. A maximum of 2 points can be awarded for original songs. We encourage you to perform one cover and one original.


Registration Closed


Tickets will be available at the door on the day of the event. Tickets are $5. Please plan to arrive a few minutes early to purchase your tickets. Cash only.